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Who can shop at Layam.com?

Layam.com targets embassies, diplomats and monasteries. Also, crew members of ships docking in Haifa's and Ashdod's seaport can enjoy our variety of duty-free products.

How do I shop at Layam.com?

Fast, Easy, Convenient - That is Layam's motto regarding the shopping experience at our online site. Simply register by filling out the registration form and start shopping!

Do I get my order immediately?

No, your order request will be sent to our team for processing and will be approved via E-mail or phone.

How long does this entire process take?

Usually between 3-4 business days. Layam's team will make every effort to provide you with your order as soon as possible.

Can I cancel/add items to the order I placed online? 

Yes, simply contact us by E-mail or phone, before it is sent to customs. There is no obligation from your part on canceling orders.

Are the brands original?

Yes, of course! All the brands we sell on Layam.com are 100% original, and the products that require warranty, arrive with manufacturer's warranty.


How do I get the items I ordered?

When completing the order at checkout, you can choose between pickup from our store in Tel-Aviv, or let us send it over to you with our courier. 


How do I make a payment?

We accept payment through credit card or cash. We give you 30 days to complete the payment by telephone or by arriving our store in Tel-Aviv.

What currencies do you accept?

The prices on the website are in US Dollars, but you can also pay with Euros or NIS, whatever is more convenient for you. The exchange rate will be the same as the day of payment.

Customs restrictions

What are the customs restrictions for purchasing duty-free products?

Please check this list before making an order request. In case you have exceeded the allowed quota, our team will notify you.

What if the customs doesn't approve my order?

If you haven't exceeded your quota, the customs will approve your order. In any case, we will not issue an invoice or charge you before your order request is approved.



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